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Sketch, Zeplin, Assembla


  • Research and Design

  • Illustration

  • Communicate with software engineers and product manager directly

The continuation of shopping pleasure for customers of Digikala is one of the main goals of Digikala Customer Club (Digiclub). Digiclub is an opportunity for more companionship to create different and exciting experiences. When you create a user account in Digiclub, you can collect points by completing missions, such as shopping and submitting comments, to benefit from the rewards.



While the separate URL of Digiclub caused problems in managing accounts for users based on GA data, having Digiclub as a part of Digikala was requested from the Digikala design team.


Creating a UI Kit based on the Digikala design system after researching and designing the most appropriate pages and touch points of the product for customers.

DC benchmark
DC storyboard

Design Benchmark

As there wasn't enough time for deep research (less than three months for the whole project), we decided to check similar products quickly for the first version and improve the product based on future data later.

Prevalent Features of Points-based Loyalty Programs


collect points by doing some missions, especially purchase


define numerous exciting vouchers for users to spend points on them


Cooperation with other companies for various rewards


encourage users to spend time on the main product, for example commenting


give advantages for users' later activities, including discounts


run specific promotion lotteries or any gamification method


For prioritizing features and quick ideation, my teammate and I sketched a detailed storyboard that included the homepage, rewards page, history page, and lottery page.

IMG_1299 2.jpg

User Task Flow

According to the definition of product goal, one of the main tasks of users is spending their points. For us, it was important to help the user find the desired prize easily.

Low Fidelity Design

As mentioned, we were a two-designer team; so after collaborating on the storyboard and flow, each of us pick some pages and designed them to get each other feedback before the hi-fi version.

image 78.png
image 79.png
image 80.png
image 81.png
DC taskflow
DC low-fi
DC hi-fi

High Fidelity Design

DC Home.png

Main Page

Users can quickly scan crucial information, e.g. points and rewards history. Also, comprehend methods of collecting points.

Essential elements:

  • The account dashboard

  • The number of points

  • Brief of last gained point

  • The last activity on the history

  • The timer of the seasonal lottery

  • Help box of important links

  • A summary of collecting points links

DC Reward.png

Rewards Page

A list of all rewards that are filtered by whether users can afford them with their points or not.

Essential elements:

  • Reward products

  • Reward vouchers

  • Rewards for premium users

  • Reward's detailed information modal

  • Filter by category, points, and brands

DC Lottery.png

Lottery Page

Page of the Digiclub seasonal lottery, including rules, timer, prizes, and lottery tickets to buy with points.

Essential elements:

  • Illustrated tickets pinned on the sidebar

  • Information and number of prizes

  • Quantity of tickets available with user's points

DC a/b test

A/B Test

Navigating between Digiclub pages, while we have to keep the header of Digikala, is one of our significant challenges. So we decided to define an A/B test between the following solutions, and the winner was the A.





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