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Figma, Slack, Jira


  • Research and Design

  • UI kit

  • Product Management

  • Technical Interview

  • Communicate with software engineers directly


MateMachine, as a dating application, will suggest clever ways to find the best match for any person!
I tried to make business owner ideas user-friendly and straightforward to make a satisfying experience for both business and user, while it 
wasn't a long-time contract!


Competitive Analysis

According to the request of the business owner to skip research while some ideas are too unique, I decided just to check the world's top dating applications to understand users' habits and frequent journies.

Repeated Elements of Applications


considering users' current, living, or coming location to increase the dating possibility


short questioning about basic information to make efficient choices between options

460x0w (3)_edited_edited.jpg


in addition to focusing on photos, making calls, or getting a certified badge to trust easily


using gamification elements, e.g. swipe and timer, to add some excitement during making the decision

Prevalent User Journey

date flow.png

User Flow

Since most of the CEO's ideas couldn't get implemented easily, we tried to get on the same page with meetings and  brainstorming to create the following user flow:

MM Flow.jpeg
MM Hi-Fi

High Fidelity Design

For the first design version, I create more than 50 Figma frames for the application while communicating nearly with developers.

mm final.png
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